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LSAC Research

LSAC Research:


LSAT Technical Reports

The LSAC Psychometric Research staff regularly monitors various psychometric and statistical properties of the Law School Admission Test (LSAT). LSAT Technical Reports document the results of these analyses on a regularly scheduled basis. The table below describes the technical report topics with their respective replication cycles.

LSAT Technical Report Topic Cycle
(in years)
LSAT Performance with Regional, Gender, and Racial/Ethnic Breakdowns 2
National Summaries of Correlation Studies 2
Self-Reported Methods of Test Preparation 3
Differential Prediction for Racial/Ethnic Subgroups 3
Differential Prediction for Gender Subgroups 3
LSAT Performance by Repeat Test Takers 3
Predictive Validity for Repeater Test Takers 4
Item-Type Validity As necessary
Predictive Validity for Test Takers with Disabilities As sample size permits
LSAT Performance by Test Takers with Disabilities As sample size permits

Research Reports

LSAC Psychometric Research and Test Development staff members regularly carry out research in support of the LSAT, as well as theoretical research in the area of psychometrics. LSAC also regularly supports university researchers exploring topics of relevance. This research is published in the Research Report series.

Statistical Reports

LSAC staff members periodically investigate the underlying statistical or psychometric characteristics of the LSAT, as well as the behavior of the law school applicant population. The results of these investigations are published in the Statistical Report series.

Computerized Testing Reports

From July 1995 through March 2005, LSAC carried out an extensive program of research aimed at evaluating the feasibility and advisability of implementing computerized testing for the LSAT. Over the course of this initiative, members of the LSAC Psychometric Research and Test Development Groups, along with 17 funded researchers from 12 universities, produced numerous research reports specific to the area of computerized testing. These reports are published under the category of Computerized Testing Reports.

Grants Reports

Through the work of the Research Grant Program, LSAC funds research on any aspect of legal training and legal practice related to the mission of LSAC. Reports on research funded through this program are published in the Grants Report series.

Archived Reports

LSAC has archived all earlier replications of LSAT Technical Reports, as well as all Research, Statistical, Computerized Testing, and Grants Reports that were published 10 or more years ago. These reports are still available upon request.

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