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Diversity Initiatives Grants Programs

Mar 14, 2014, 13:16 PM

Diversity Initiatives Grant Programs

The Law School Admission Council (LSAC) earmarks a portion of its funds to promote broad-based diversity in legal education and the legal profession. LSAC’s minority program grants take many forms, which are outlined below. For additional information about each of the programs, use the links or the contacts below.

Diversity Initiatives Fund General Grants

The Diversity Initiatives Fund General Grants program has been suspended until further notice. Applications for General Grants are not being accepted at this time. Please direct your inquiries to

Kent D. Lollis
Executive Director of Diversity Initiatives
Phone: 215.968.1227
Email: klollis@LSAC.org

DiscoverLaw.org Prelaw Undergraduate Scholars (PLUS) Program

Up to $100,000
Contact: Kent D. Lollis, klollis@LSAC.org

This program is targeted to racial and ethnic students in the first two years of college who wish to develop the skills required to succeed in law school. Preference will be given to students who have registered for DiscoverLaw.org. Each program establishes its own admission criteria and selects participants.

DiscoverLaw.org Months: Diversity Outreach for High School and Early College Students

DiscoverLaw.org Months events are changing. Details about LSAC’s new guidelines for the Diversity Matters Award and grant opportunities will be posted by January 1, 2018. If your law school is currently planning a DiscoverLaw.org event for 2018, note that the new guidelines will be consistent with past events. However, we will not accept any 2018 event forms until the announcement has been made.

Law schools that participated in DiscoverLaw.org Months this year are eligible to use their remaining grant funds for 2017 events. You will need to complete the event form below in order to be approved for funding. For questions about DiscoverLaw.org Months events, contact Isabelle Ramos at iramos@LSAC.org.

Photo Release Form

You will receive a copy of the Photo Release Form in your event approval email. If you plan to take photos at your event and submit them to LSAC, the form will be required from each attendee. Authorized photos of DiscoverLaw.org Months events will be used on our website, as well as our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.

Report and Reimbursement Form

For your convenience, we will send you the Report and Reimbursement Form via email the day after your event. If you do not receive it, please contact DiscoverLaw@LSAC.org.

Law schools needing to submit Report and Reimbursements Forms should contact DiscoverLaw@LSAC.org as well.

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