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Future LLM Students

Requesting Transcripts

It is your responsibility to request an official copy of all required transcripts to be sent to LSAC directly from each institution you attended. Transcripts issued to you or sent to LSAC by you will not be processed. We urge you to begin the process well in advance of your LLM application deadlines.

How to Have Transcripts Sent

  • You must use LSAC’s Transcript Request Form (TRF) for this purpose. Your TRF can be printed from the Transcripts page of your LLM account. LSAC’s address is on the forms.
  • Send a TRF to each of the postsecondary institutions you have attended, regardless of whether or not a degree was completed. Have each institution complete the form and return it to us by mail, along wit your official transcript/mark sheet/academic record.
  • All documents must be received in a sealed institution envelope from the issuing institution, with an institution stamp or seal across the sealed flap.
  • Documents issued to the student or sent from the student are unacceptable, as are loose documents inserted directly into an express mailer. When using an express mail service, the sealed institution envelope must be contained inside of the express mailer.
  • LLM CAS does not accept electronic transcripts.

If an international institution issues only one “original” to the student, then LSAC will accept a certified copy of the transcript, but it must be certified by the issuing institution as a true and correct copy of the original. The official stamp/seal of the institution must be placed over the sealed flap of the envelope.

If you have records from education completed outside of the United States, all of your attested documents from the issuing institution must be submitted in the original language. If the transcripts or other required documents are not in English, a translation must be forwarded. English translations do not need to be certified, may be completed by you, and may be sent separately from the transcript if necessary.

If you are in the process of completing your degree, you should arrange for a transcript of all available grades to be sent to LSAC. When you have completed your degree, you will have to arrange for the final transcript to be sent to LSAC.

Required Transcripts

Transcripts must be sent from institutions even if

  • a degree was never received;
  • credit was transferred from an institution and it appears on another institution’s transcript;
  • the institution has closed;
    (These transcripts are usually maintained by the department of higher education or by another school in the state in which the school was located, so you will need to contact the state’s department of higher education. For international transcripts, contact the Ministry of Education or similar government agency in the country where the institution was located.)
  • “Withdraw,” “Incomplete,” and so on, are the only grades listed; or
  • you have just enrolled, in which case you should request that the registrar’s office send a transcript of courses “in progress” or a statement of current enrollment and the anticipated date of completion. The document must bear the official registrar’s seal.

Transcripts received by LSAC, and copies thereof, cannot be returned to the applicant or provided to any third party, including bar examiners or other graduate programs. Because LSAC is not the issuing institution, we have no authority to make copies of your credentials available to any party other than law schools that participate in the LSAC LLM Credential Assembly Service and request your credentials. LSAC reserves the right to request further documentation from you or verification directly from your institution(s).

Applicants are expected to present all postsecondary education, including work completed prior to and after the minimum degree listed, if required by the law school. Any omission of required education history could delay the review of your credentials and, thereby, delay our report to the law schools. It is not necessary to have secondary institution transcripts sent to LSAC. Secondary education information is collected solely for verification purposes.

Transcripts are required from your law school and from any other college or university you have attended that contributed to your first degree in law. Some US law schools might require all postsecondary transcripts. Transcripts may also be known as mark sheets, grade sheets, course records, academic records, or examination results, and may include diploma and diploma supplement, degree certificate, graduation certificate, and first state exam certificate. All transcripts should list the courses taken, semester hours, and grades.

Some schools may require only your transcript(s) for completed coursework leading to your first degree in law. Once LSAC has received all of these records, your file will be forwarded to AACRAO for evaluation. Any degree programs or coursework completed after earning your first degree in law, that were not a part of your record at the time of your initial evaluation, will be evaluated by AACRAO only after ALL of your remaining transcripts are received by LSAC.

Applicants are also required to submit copies of degree certificates and diplomas, together with the English translations.

Applicants educated in the People’s Republic of China are required to submit the following documents in order for an LSAC evaluation to be completed:

  • Official Degree Certificates (Zhuanke, Bachelor’s, Master’s, and so on) and Graduation Diplomas in Chinese for all programs undertaken, along with a complete and literal English translation of each.
  • Official college or university academic record (transcript) in Chinese showing all courses and grades for all years of study, along with a complete and literal English translation. (NOTE: The academic record must be issued by the institution’s central administrative office responsible for preparing and verifying official student records. Documents issued by an individual academic department or by a notary public are not considered official.)
  • Applicants educated in Cuba must follow this two-step procedure when submitting transcripts to LSAC:
    1. Request Consultoria Juridica Internacional (CJI) to send the following official documentation directly to LSAC via DHL: Certificacion de notas y certifico de titulo issued by the university in Spanish and legalized by CJI, along with a CJI English translation of this documentation.
    2. Send LSAC a copy of your original Certificacion de notas y certifico de titulo as originally issued by the university.

No World Education Service (WES) or other outside evaluations will be considered for review. Our evaluators will provide their own report based on a thorough review of your official institution-issued documents. We reserve the right to request further documentation from you or verification directly from the institution. Once LSAC has received all of your documents, please allow a minimum of 10 to 15 business days for a report to be completed, provided no additional documentation is needed.

Reevaluation of Credentials

If you find an error on your law school report, print the report, circle the error, and write the correct information on the report. Mail the corrected report and accompanying explanation to:

Law School Admission Council
LLM Credential Assembly Service
662 Penn Street
Dept. 8511
Newtown PA 18940-8511

You will be notified of the outcome of LSAC’s review of your corrections.

Please Note

What may look like an error to you could be the result of a policy or procedure the law schools have asked us to implement. For more information, call 215.968.1315 between 8:30 am and 5:00 pm ET.

It is your responsibility, and we urge you, to begin the process of requesting transcripts well in advance of your LLM application deadlines. All transcripts should list the courses taken, semester hours, and grades.

Please Note

You need not wait for your law school report to be completed by LSAC before you begin submitting applications.

  • If you attend(ed) a JD program in the United States, and the school(s) to which you are applying requires you to use LSAC’s LLM CAS Document Assembly Service, then you must have your law school transcript(s) sent to LSAC. After you register for the Document Assembly Service, you will be able to print a Transcript Request Form. Send the form to your law school registrar to be completed and returned to us by mail together with your official transcript.
  • If you are in the process of completing your JD degree, you must arrange for a transcript of all available grades to be sent to LSAC. Later, when you have completed your degree, you must arrange for the final transcript to be sent to LSAC, at which time we will update your report free of charge.
  • If you received your undergraduate degree from an institution outside the United States, individual law schools may require that you submit to LSAC all of your attested documents from the issuing institution or government agency, as well as the English translations. If required by any law schools to which you are applying, an official transcript (mark sheet), in the original language and in a sealed institution envelope, must be sent to LSAC by the institution for all institutions, degrees, or coursework listed in your education profile.
  • For programs of study still in progress, and for which no grades are yet available, we require written confirmation from the institution of your current enrollment, expected completion date, and the fact that no grades are available. This must also be mailed to LSAC in a sealed institution envelope. These transcripts will not be evaluated, but copies will be sent with the law school report to the law schools to which you apply. Some schools may require only your transcript(s) for completed coursework leading to your JD degree.

Once LSAC has received all of your records and translations, if applicable, your transcript file will be considered complete and ready for reporting. If you completed any degree programs or coursework after earning your JD degree, and those transcripts were not a part of your record at the time of your initial report, an updated report, including copies of those transcripts will be forwarded only after all transcripts are received by LSAC.

If you are applying to law schools that require your class rank, you should ask your institution to include a statement of rank with the transcript that they mail to us. This may be a statement of the fact that your institution does not use a system of class rank.

English Translation Requirement for Transcripts

An English translation is required for all transcripts, mark sheets, and related education records for education completed in countries whose original language is not English. The translation does not need to be certified. Anyone may do the translation, as long as it is literal (word-for-word). The translations may be sent separate from the transcript if necessary. It is your responsibility to provide the English translation. LSAC does not offer a translation service. If you have no copy of the transcript from which to produce the English translation, we suggest that you order two originals from your institution—one to be sent to LSAC, and one for you to use as a reference for the English translation.


If your institution offers the option to print transcripts in either the original language or in English, you must order the original language transcript. We will accept the English version as the translation. If you use the services of a professional translator, that person must sign the translated copy and include contact information.

Updating Your Transcript Information

You should have official transcripts sent to LSAC for any additional academic work completed after your initial law school reports have been sent to law schools by LSAC. This information will be incorporated into your file, and updated transcript reports will be sent to the law schools as long as their reporting term is still current.

Inability to Obtain Transcripts

If you are unable to obtain transcripts from an institution due to an outstanding financial obligation, you must indicate this when registering for the LLM Credential Assembly Service. LSAC will not be able to produce any law school reports for you unless we receive an official transcript from the institution where you earned your first degree in law.

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