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Future LLM Students

Law School Reports

After you send your LLM application and other materials to LLM Credential Assembly Service–requiring law schools, the schools will contact us directly to request your law school report. When your CAS file is complete, your report will be sent. The initial law school report will be generated based on the program’s specifications for transcripts and LORs.

  • If a school requires that both LORs and transcripts be processed by LSAC, the minimum number of LORs must be received by LSAC and all transcript requirements must be satisfied, including receipt of the JD/LLB transcript or the completion of the AACRAO evaluation, before a report will be generated.
  • If a school requires that only LORs be processed by LSAC, the minimum number of LORs must be received before a report will be generated.
  • If a school requires that only transcripts be processed by LSAC, the JD/LLB transcript must be received and processed or the AACRAO evaluation must be completed before a report will be generated.

Law school reports are $30 for each program to which you apply.

You may purchase a report when you submit your electronic application to an LLM program through LSAC. We are unable to send law school reports at your request; the law school(s) to which you apply will request your report.

If you are not submitting a law school application through LSAC, you may pay for a law school report by adding a report to your Shopping Cart from the Apply/Applications page of your LLM Credential Assembly Service account.

Reports include

  • transcript copies, if applicable;
  • transcript evaluation, if applicable;
  • letters of recommendation, if applicable; and
  • TOEFL/IELTS score, if applicable.

Updated Law School Reports

If you have a current LSAC LLM Credential Assembly Service file, LSAC will routinely send report updates to law schools to which you have applied at no additional charge when

  • LSAC receives an updated transcript within the same admission year;
  • an error in a transcript or evaluation is reported and corrected within the same admission year. A revised official transcript clearly marked as “corrected copy” is necessary to correct transcript errors; or
  • LSAC receives an additional letter of recommendation within the same admission year up to the limit set by the law school. (Each law school can specify at what point in its admission process it will receive letters. Therefore, if you apply to multiple schools, some may receive your letters sooner than others.)

Upon submission of an official request from the law school, the original transcript(s) received by LSAC will be forwarded to the law school where the applicant intends to or has matriculated. If there is a change in the matriculation status, it is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure the original transcripts are received by the appropriate law school.

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