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Future JD Students

Where can I go for information about getting into law school?

  • If you are still an undergraduate, the prelaw advisor at your school is a good resource. Find yours and introduce yourself as soon as possible. (The career services center may be able to help you find your prelaw advisor.) If you are not currently enrolled at a university, you can locate your prelaw advisor by contacting your undergraduate degree-granting school. Whether you are still in school or not, when you establish an account with LSAC the name and contact information for the advisor at your undergraduate school will be displayed on your profile screen.
  • Attend a free Law School Forum. You can meet face-to-face with law school representatives and attend invaluable workshops.
  • This website has been designed to provide as much help and information as possible, so please explore it thoroughly. Our law school searches are a good place to start.
  • Visit law school websites for complete and current information. Visit law schools. Talk with students and faculty members. Visit classes. Talk to alumni of the schools, preferably recent graduates or ones who are active in alumni affairs. Select the law schools to which you will apply only after reviewing the admission material available from each law school on your list of possibilities.

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