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Future JD Students

Resources for Your Law School Search

  • LSAC Official Guide to ABA-Approved Law Schools: This searchable guide, updated annually by LSAC and the law schools, contains information about every ABA-approved law school.
  • Association for Legal Career Professionals—LGBT Resources: The Association for Legal Career Professionals (NALP) was organized to facilitate career planning of law students and to promote the exchange of information and cooperation between law schools and employers. NALP offers a number of resources for law students and for LGBT students in particular.
  • Lavender Law Conference & Career Fair: This is an annual national career fair attended by self-identified LGBT law students and over 150 recruiting law firms, LGBT advocacy groups, and corporations. It is a three-day event, with one day devoted to the career fair. Dozens of panels, symposia, and courses are held on the other two days to discuss cutting-edge litigation and legislative issues. The event is held in a different city each year, usually in the fall. Some law schools will pay for students to go to this conference as part of their ameliorative efforts for allowing military recruiting on campus.
  • Local LGBT Bar Associations: Many states and cities have LGBT bar associations whose mission is to provide a strong presence of LGBT persons in the legal profession and in the community. These organizations often sponsor events that facilitate education, legal advocacy, and civic participation relating to LGBT issues. They also hold social networking and career-planning events for LGBT students and legal professionals.

    To find out if there is a local LGBT bar association in the area where you plan to attend law school, check NALP’s LGBT Contact List, go to The National LGBT Bar Association website and check the local affiliates list, or search the web for LGBT bar associations.

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