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Future JD Students

Applying to Law School: Navigating the application process. To start, sign up for a secure account at LSAC.org. Purchase test preparation materials. Register for a Law School Forum. Register for the LSAT (Law School Admission Test). Receive your LSAT score by email approximately three weeks after the test. Prepare for the LSAT. Learn about the LSAT question types: logical reasoning, analytical reasoning, and reading comprehension, and the unscored writing sample. Research law schools, their admission requirements, and application deadlines on LSAC’s searchable database. When deciding where to apply, consider each school’s size, location, faculty, and special programs. Join other future law school students and sign up for a Law School Forum where you can meet face-to-face with law school representatives (110 to 185 schools participate, depending on the location.) Submit your information by signing up for LSAC’s Credential Assembly Service (CAS), which simplifies the admission process for US law school applicants by allowing the submission of all the necessary documents. Pay the fee for the Credential Assembly Service. (Your account will remain active for five years.) Make sure there is a reportable LSAT score in your LSAC file. Provide information about the schools you attended. Make sure all required transcripts are sent to LSAC. Make sure all required letters of recommendation are sent to LSAC. Register with LSAC’s Candidate Referral Service (CRS) so law schools can recruit YOU. Apply to law schools. Use your LSAC.org account to apply online to as many law schools as you choose. Schools will then request your CAS Law School Report from LSAC. You must pay for a law school report at the time you apply to each school. Items that most ABA-approved law school applications require include: LSAT score, Undergraduate and Graduate Transcript(s), Personal Statement, Letters of Recommendation, Résumé, Application, and Application fee (if applicable). Track your progress. Keep track of the status of everything related to your law school admission through your LSAC account.

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