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Future JD Students

The Credential Assembly Servicesm (CASsm)

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Simplify your law school application process with LSAC’s Credential Assembly Service (CAS). Instead of gathering and resending your transcripts, letters of recommendation, and other credentials for each of your law school applications, CAS only requires you to send your documents one time to LSAC—regardless of the number of schools you’re applying to. Once received, LSAC’s CAS will forward the required documents to the law schools to which you apply. Most applicants also apply to law school using the electronic applications included as part of CAS.

American Bar Association-approved law schools and many others require the use of CAS for JD applicants.

Candidates may use the Credential Assembly Service (CAS) for applying to law school regardless of whether a school accepts GRE scores in addition to LSAT scores. LSAC is evaluating any additional changes that may be needed to assist candidates and will post any policy updates here.

Please Note

  1. LLM degree applicants should go to the LLM Credential Assembly Service page.
  2. Transfer students may not be required to use CAS; contact the law school for information.
  3. LSAC will release applicant file information only to the applicant or to the law school. Information is not released to a parent, spouse, friend, or any other person.

How CAS Works

YOU create a secure LSAC.org account, sit for the LSAT, and make sure that the following documents are sent to LSAC:

LSAC summarizes your undergraduate work and combines all of your documents with your LSAT score and writing sample to create your law school report, which law schools will request after they receive your application. We also transmit your applications to the law schools if you apply through CAS.

Completing Your CAS File

The basic steps for assembling your CAS file can be done in any order, but they must all be completed before any law school reports will be sent.

IMPORTANT: Barring unforeseen circumstances, it takes approximately two weeks to process a transcript and up to five working days to process a paper letter of recommendation from the time it is received. Letters of recommendation sent electronically are usually available immediately upon receipt by LSAC.

What CAS Costs

After you pay for CAS, your account will remain active for five years. The CAS fee is currently $185 and includes

Please Note

  1. Fee waivers may be available in cases of extreme need.
  2. Individual law school application fees are not included as part of CAS.

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