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Future JD Students

System Downtime—April 29

Saturday, April 29, from 6:00 am ET to 11:00 am ET, the LSAC.org website, all law school “Members-only” services, the Prelaw Advisor Information Center, and the Registrar Information Center will be unavailable due to scheduled maintenance. You will not be able to access the LSAC website. The phone systems and email are not included in this maintenance and will be available.

Digital LSAT Field Test Registration Now Open

On October 14, 2017, LSAC will field-test the Digital LSAT. We are seeking approximately 2,000 test takers at about 40 testing centers throughout the United States and Canada to participate in this next phase of research into possible future LSAT delivery options. Complete details and registration information are at DigitalLSAT.LSAC.org. In addition to previewing the Digital LSAT at no charge, test takers who complete the entire exam and a follow-up survey will receive a free administration of the actual LSAT. Field-test participants who take the test and receive a reportable score no later than the June 2019 administration will receive a refund check for the full cost of that administration.

Important LSAC Policy Revision for LSAT Frequency

Starting with the September 2017 LSAT, there will no longer be any limitations on the number of times a test taker can take the LSAT in a two-year period. LSAC has revised this policy as part of its planning for additional administrations of the LSAT. We will provide more information about the LSAT schedule in the coming weeks.

Where to Buy Official LSAT PrepTest Books

LSAC’s entire line of LSAT prep books—including Official LSAT PrepTests; the 10 Actual, Official LSAT PrepTests series; the Official LSAT SuperPrep and SuperPrep II; and the Official LSAT Handbook, and ebooks—is available through bookstores and online booksellers. The exception is LSAT ItemWise, LSAC’s online LSAT familiarization tool, which is available for purchase through candidate accounts on LSAC.org.

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