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Future LLM Students


Basic ServiceFree

  • Search for law schools according to types of graduate law programs offered.
  • View application requirements for each program.
  • Save a list of schools and programs that interest you.
  • Choose to provide a Candidate Referral Service (CRS) profile that schools can use to recruit you.

Document Assembly Service (DAS)$85, good for five years, plus $30 for each law school report

  • Have transcripts sent once to LSAC for forwarding to law schools (evaluation not included).
  • Have letters of recommendation sent once to LSAC for forwarding to law schools.
  • Complete and transmit admission applications online. (NOTE: Individual law school application fees are not included in the DAS fee.)
  • Have English proficiency exam scores sent once to LSAC for forwarding to law schools.

International Transcript Authentication and Evaluation Service (ITAES) for LLM applicants educated outside of the United States only$135, in addition to $85 for DAS

  • Have official institution documents sent once to LSAC for evaluation, authentication, and transmission to participating law schools.

Register Now

If you will be applying to JD and LLM programs in the same academic year, you will need to register and pay for the Credential Assembly Service for JD applicants and the LLM Credential Assembly Service; however, you will only need to forward one set of transcripts, letters of recommendation, and English proficiency exam scores (if applicable). The documents will become part of both accounts.

An LSAC account number will be assigned to you when you complete your online registration. No credential assembly or evaluation will begin until the registration fee is paid in full; the registration fee is not refundable once credential assembly or evaluation has begun.

Credit Card Denial/Stop Payments

If your credit card is denied or you stop payment of a credit card charge, a hold will be placed on your file. No credential assembly, evaluation, or law school reporting will occur until the outstanding balance is paid in full. Credit card denial will not automatically cancel your registration for the LLM Credential Assembly Service (LLM CAS).

Refund Policy

Because of the large volume of registrations received, LSAC cannot prevent the processing of a registration once it is submitted. Refund policies apply to all methods of registration and are enforced without exception.

If we have not yet received your first degree in law transcript, no letters of recommendation have been received, and no electronic applications have been sent to LSAC for processing, LSAC will refund the full $85 Document Assembly Service fee, and the full $135 International Transcript Authentication and Evaluation Service fee.

Law school report fees are not refundable if the report has been forwarded to the law school. LSAC cannot transfer a report fee payment to another law school or LLM program.

Your refund request must be in writing and received before your LLM CAS registration expires. Your refund will take approximately six weeks to process, and your service will be canceled.

For all refund requests, include your name, address, LSAC account number, signature, and date. Mail to:

LLM Credential Assembly Service
Dept. 8511
Newtown PA 18940-8511

or fax to 215.504.1456.

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