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Policies Related to Test Center Problems/Complaints

LSAC administers the LSAT at hundreds of locations around the world. Although LSAC staff and local test supervisors (who are not LSAC employees) make every effort to provide a suitable test-taking environment, LSAC cannot guarantee that conditions will be optimal at all testing sites. In no case will LSAC be held responsible for test-center conditions beyond its control. If you encounter a problem during the test administration, report it to the test center supervisor; however, informing the test center supervisor is not sufficient. You must also follow up your complaint by writing to:

662 Penn Street
PO BOX 2000-T
Newtown PA 18940

Fax: 215.968.1277
Email: LSACinfo@LSAC.org

Your complaint must be received by LSAC within six calendar days after the administration via fax, letter, or email. It is your responsibility to keep proof of LSAC’s receipt of your complaint (i.e., a fax transmittal report); however, no such proof will be accepted beyond 14 calendar days after the test. Indicate “Test Center Complaint” in the subject line and include your name, address, LSAC account number, the last four digits of your Social Security/Social Insurance number, the test center name, and the building or room in which you were tested, if known. Be aware that the availability of your LSAT score may be delayed pending the review of your complaint.

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