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Future LLM Students

Candidate Referral Service (CRS)

Help the right law school to find you!

Register for the CRS

While you are looking for the right law school, law schools may be looking for you! Signing up for the CRS is a free, easy way to help law schools recruit you on the basis of specific characteristics, such as your

  • program of interest
  • years of employment post law degree
  • country of first degree in law
  • citizenship
  • preference to study in certain geographic locations

CRS registration is free. When you register for the CRS, you authorize LSAC to share the following information with law schools, agencies or individuals working on their behalf, and other eligible programs related to legal education:

  • your name, mailing and email addresses, and phone number;
  • biographical, academic, and employment information; and
  • information you have provided about your law school preferences.

Don’t miss the opportunity to be found by law schools you might not otherwise have considered.

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