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Frequently Asked Questions: Electronic Applications

Please Note

You are responsible for the accuracy of your law school applications. Please use Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari browsers when you work in your LSAC online account.

Some schools require additional materials that can only be found in their catalogs or on their websites. Some schools may change their fees or requirements during the year. It is a good idea to check each law school’s website to make sure your application materials are complete and on time.

Carefully check your completed applications before electronically sending them to LSAC or mailing them to the schools.

Electronic applications have been provided to LSAC by participating law schools. The applications are up-to-date as of the time they were submitted to LSAC. Many law schools prefer that you submit your applications electronically via LSAC.

Opening Your Applications

Upon logging in to your account, go to the Apply tab, mouse over the Applications link, and then click on the School List link. On the My School List page, click School Search. You can search for schools alphabetically, by areas of interest, or by location. Once you make your choice, on the next screen you will click the Add button next to each school of interest to save the school to your list. Then click the School List button at the top of the screen when done.

You may reorder this list any way you choose by assigning each school a number; click the name of a school on your list to see a workspace. Select My Law School Order or My Notes to assign a number and to save any personal notes. On the Sort My School List drop-down menu, choose My School Order to see the list in your chosen order.

When you click on Start/Continue Application on My School List, you must select from the available applications, the school term, and application type. Next, select from among the two application methods.

  1. Apply and Submit Online: Choose this option to complete the entire application process online through your LSAC account. The application will be submitted electronically to the school and you will be prompted to purchase a law school report at checkout.
  2. Apply/Applied Via Law School: Choose this option if you are using a paper copy of the school’s application OR will apply electronically through the school’s website. You can still assign your LORs and purchase an LSAC Law School Report using this option. Some schools do not offer this option.
Please Note

Regardless of which application method you choose, LSAC’s Credential Assembly Service (CAS) is still used to build your law school report, which consists of your transcripts, International Credential Evaluation (if applicable), letters of recommendation, and English proficiency scores (if applicable). If you are mailing the application to the school, you must purchase a report online. Follow the link from the school’s Active Applications page. When an electronic application is added to your Shopping Cart, a report is automatically included at checkout.

Once you have selected an application method, click Applications in the application’s workspace. Click Application to open.

This issue is commonly caused when you use the browser navigation buttons (forward page or back page) to navigate the online services account or close the browser window before selecting the Log Out link in the upper-right corner of the account page. Please be sure to only use the links, buttons, and tabs on the account pages to navigate through your LSAC online account.

To resolve the issue, you need to clear your browser's cache (Temporary Internet Files) and cookies. You should begin by first logging in to your LSAC.org account, then immediately use the link in the upper-right corner of the account page to log out of your LSAC.org account. Follow the specific procedures below for your browser to clear the cache and cookies, close the browser window completely, restart the browser, log back into your account, and retry accessing this section of your account.

To Clear Cache and Cookies:

Firefox: Select History from the menu at the top of the window, select Clear Recent History (or hold down the [Ctrl]+[Shift]+[Delete] keys), make sure both the Cache and Cookies boxes are checked, and select the time range to clear. We recommend selecting Everything. Then click the Clear Now button. If you have never cleared your cache and cookies before, this may take a few minutes.

Internet Explorer: Go to the Tools menu (or hit [Alt]+[T] on your keyboard), select Internet Options, then click the General tab (if it is not already selected for you). In the Browsing History section, click Delete.... Make sure the Temporary Internet Files and Cookies boxes are checked, then click Delete at the bottom. Again, depending on how often you clear your history, this may take a few minutes.

Safari: Click the word Safari in the upper-left-hand corner, select Preferences ([Command]+[,]), then click Privacy in the Security dialogue box. Click Details and scroll down to select lsac.org, then click Remove. Click Done and close the Options window. Click Safari, then click Quit Safari. Reopen the browser and log in to your account to continue.

Google Chrome: Click the three horizontal lines/dots at the end of the address bar and select History, or press ([Ctrl]+[H]). In the next menu under History (on the left side), click Clear browsing data. (If you do not see the menu, click the three bars next to History in the upper left corner, then click Clear browsing data.) Select the beginning of time in the drop-down menu next to Obliterate the following items from:. Only select the checkboxes for Cookies and other site and plug-in data and Cached images and files. Click Clear browsing data. The window will close. Close the settings tab and close the browser, then reopen the browser and log in to your account to continue.

Completing Your Applications

Unfortunately, there is no way to check your spelling within the program. Due to the formatting of the application fields, built-in spell-checking programs (such as in Firefox) will not work. Please reread your answers carefully before transmitting your applications.

Try to make your information fit by limiting your response and using abbreviations when possible. Character counters are included for fields that may have lengthy responses. If the field requires a longer answer but there is not enough space, you can consider creating an attachment that fully explains your answer to a given question.

You must abbreviate the name of the school or your major to fit onto the line. The law school will receive your transcripts which they will be able to match to this section. On applications with drop-down menus, select your college and major. The program will automatically abbreviate them for placement in the application.

Many schools have more than one entry for a term. It is important for the entry term you select on the application list to be the same as the entry term you indicate on that school’s application. For instance, if you select Fall as the entry term from the application list and then indicate Spring as the entry term on your application, you will get a warning message stating that you selected a term that is inconsistent with your original choice. If you really wanted the Spring application, you must delete the Fall application and choose the Spring application from the School List section.

You can only transmit one application for each term for each law school. First, you must delete the application you saved. Click Delete for the active application you want to remove. Your saved application will be deleted and you will be able to open the other application for that term in the School List section.

An electronic signature is a certification by you that may be used in lieu of a written signature. By taking some action, such as clicking a button or typing your name, you are electronically certifying a document that you would physically sign if it were on paper. Some schools may not accept electronic signatures; these schools use certification letters that you must print, sign, and mail to the law school. If the school requires an electronic certification, there will be a document in the Forms section containing a checkbox to be clicked before the application can be transmitted. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete your application transmission process.

Certification letters may be required by some schools and, if so, will be included in the Forms section of the application. You will need to follow the school’s instructions to print and complete forms offline. Not all schools require a certification letter.

Your assigned LORs will be sent as part of your law school report to the law schools to which you apply, so you need not delay the submission of your applications while waiting for your letters to be received. You must direct letters of recommendation to law schools based on each school’s requirements or preferences. Once you are logged in to your LSAC.org account, click Letters of Recommendation under Credentials on the Apply menu, and then click Add Recommender to learn more about this service.

The file you are uploading needs to meet the compatible file format and size requirements. Supported file formats include DOC, HTM, HTML, TXT, WP, WPD, RTF, WPS, WPT, DOCX, and PDF. If your document exceeds the 3MB file size limit, you will need to either compress it, separate it into multiple smaller files, or convert it to a different format in order to upload it. Scanned documents in the form of a PDF may be rescanned at a lower resolution in order to generate a smaller file.

Creating Your Attachments

You can create personal statements, résumés, and any other required documents in word-processing programs (such as Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, Notepad, and so forth) and attach them to your applications. The file name must not contain spaces, periods, or special characters. To upload and attach your files, select the attachment type in the Attachments section of the application, click Browse, choose the file you would like to attach, enter a title in the Describe file field, then click Attach. You can attach files in the following formats: DOC, HTM, HTML, TXT, WP, WPD, RTF, WPS, WPT, DOCX, and PDF. Maximum file size is limited to 3MB.

It is important that the descriptions of your written statements convey information regarding the content so that if you wish to edit or delete a written statement in the future, it will be easily identifiable. Law schools do not see the name of your attached documents.

At any point while completing the application, you may click on the Review Application (PDF) button on the Application Home page to see what your application package will look like when the school views it or it is printed by LSAC. You will need Adobe Reader 10 (or later) installed on your computer to use the preview function. Please review the preview carefully, as it displays an exact copy of what will be sent to the law school. Adobe Reader is free at https://get.adobe.com/reader.

To edit a written statement you have already uploaded, you will need to remove the uploaded document and then replace it. Click the attachment that you wish to edit, and click Delete; then you can replace the file.

To delete an attached document you have already uploaded, click the attachment that you wish to delete, and click Delete.

Printing Your Applications

Click the Review Application (PDF) button that appears on the Application Home page and then click Print when the application opens up in your PDF reader. If you do not have the Print option, right-click on the opened application and left-click on Print.

Please Note

The law school electronic applications were tested on numerous printer, browser, and operating-system configurations. It is not possible to anticipate results on every printer model. Make sure to proofread every application prior to sending it to a law school.

Saving Your Applications

Click Save at the bottom of each section of the application. Please make sure to use your mouse to click on the buttons.

If a school has updated its application before you have transmitted it, you will need to open the application and complete the new or updated items.

From the My Home page, go to My Law Schools/Applications and select My Active Applications. Your active applications will be listed. A column on the left will indicate the current status of an application. All saved applications will show a status of In Progress.

Yes. You can edit information from any application with a status of In Progress. From the Active Applications list, click the name of the school for the application you wish to change. Then click on Application for the application you wish to edit. Remember to save it again when you are finished making changes. If the application’s status is Shopping Cart, you must first remove the application from the Shopping Cart to return it to Active Applications.

You can preview your application at any time by clicking Review Application (PDF) on the Application Home page.

There is a progress bar on both the Active Applications page (under the selected school) and on the Application Home page that will show you your progress with both a visual guide and a numerical percentage. Individual sections that are completed are checkmarked. You can transmit it by checking out of the Shopping Cart once it reaches 100%.

Yes. You can delete any application as long as its status is listed as In Progress on the Active Applications page. Click Delete under Prepare to Apply. The application will be cleared, and it will no longer appear on the list of Active Applications. If you have Letters of Recommendation assigned to the application, you must first delete them before you can delete the application. If the application’s status is Shopping Cart, you must first remove the application from the Shopping Cart to change the status back to In Progress. If the application is marked as Sent, Transmitted, or Completed, you cannot delete it.

Please Note

You cannot delete an application if the term has expired and you have letters of recommendation assigned to it.

Go to your Shopping Cart, then click the Remove link next to the application. Your application is now returned to Active Applications.

Transmitting Your Applications

No. When you check out of your Shopping Cart, your application is sent to LSAC for processing; it is time-stamped and made available for the law school to download. Within 24 to 48 hours, a paper copy of your application is printed and mailed to the law school. Some schools may choose to receive an electronic copy only.

Law schools can specify to LSAC the date and time of day (Eastern Time) they wish to stop the transmission of electronic applications. Information about these deadlines is included in the application instructions or checklists, and to the right of the school name in Active Applications, as well as on the law school’s website. You have met the application deadline if you have checked the application out of the Shopping Cart before the deadline date and time. Please check the law school’s website to verify the deadline date.

Please Note

You must place your completed applications in the Shopping Cart and complete the checkout process before transmission to the law schools can occur. The Save button only saves your application data. It does not send your application electronically to LSAC for transmission to the law school.

Each application is stamped with the date and time (Eastern Time) you send it to LSAC. Once the application’s status is listed as Transmitted, the law school can immediately access the application, although each school maintains its own schedule for reviewing incoming applications.

We highly recommend that you not wait until the last minute to send your applications to LSAC. Internet slowness, server problems at your ISP or elsewhere, or other issues beyond LSAC’s control may occur, resulting in the deadline passing without your application being transmitted. Once the deadline has passed, the time stamp cannot be changed, so please pay careful attention to deadline dates. It is your responsibility to check and ensure that you have completed all the necessary steps to transmit your application.

First, check the application’s status. If it is listed as anything other than Sent, Transmitted, Processing, or Completed, you have not completed the electronic transmission process. If the status is listed as In Progress, you have not completed all three steps of the application process. You must complete 100% of the application and upload required documents, preview the application, and complete the checkout process. You must complete the checkout step even if you have a fee waiver or the application fee is $0.00. If the status is listed as Processing, you should monitor the progress of your application to see that it moves to Sent or Transmitted within 24 hours. If it does not, you should notify LSAC Technical Support. If the status is listed as Shopping Cart, you must complete the checkout process before your application will be sent to LSAC. Once sent, applications can take up to 48 hours to be processed and transmitted to the law schools, depending on server load and other variables. It is your responsibility to check and ensure that you have completed all the necessary steps to transmit your application.

The “confirmation of transmission” emails are generated automatically. If you are not receiving them, you should check to make sure that your email address is correct in your LSAC.org account or that they are not getting caught in your spam filter. You can verify that the application was transmitted by logging in to your account and opening the specific law school application that you transmitted; it should say Transmitted next to the name of the law school.

After you send your applications to LSAC for processing, you can make sure they were sent to the law schools by logging in to your LSAC.org account and clicking Law School Reports on the Apply menu. The law schools will request your law school report.

If your application status is Transmitted, it means that an electronic copy of the application has been sent to the school. Your application is time-stamped when electronically transmitted so the school knows exactly when you sent it. Also, some schools do not want any part of your law school report, including the application, if your file is not complete.

Law schools specify the date and time of day (Eastern Time) they wish to stop the transmission of electronic applications. Information about these deadlines is included in the application instructions of the individual law schools, and to the right of the school name in Active Applications, as well as on the law school’s website. The time of day for the deadline can be different from other law schools. Please check the law school’s website for the day and time of their deadline.

It is highly recommended that you not wait until the last minute to transmit your applications. Internet slowness, server problems at your ISP or elsewhere, or other issues beyond LSAC’s control may occur, resulting in the deadline passing without your application being transmitted. Once the deadline has passed, the time stamp cannot be changed, so please pay careful attention to deadline dates. Once LSAC transmits an application, it can be immediately accessed by the law school, although it is up to the school how often they review incoming applications.

You should send your applications as early as possible to avoid last-minute complications. The deadline for electronic application transmission is established by each school. The schools list their deadlines on their application instructions or checklists and to the right of the school name in Active Applications.

The Shopping Cart size is limited. If you place too many items in your cart, you may be unable to check out. Also, if the items exceed the limit, a warning will be displayed and the Checkout button at the bottom of the page will become hidden. To remove applications from the Shopping Cart, click Remove next to the application. Your application will then be returned to Active Applications. No more than 19 items may be checked out in one transaction. An application and its law school report count as two items in the Shopping Cart.

After an application has been sent to LSAC, it cannot be recalled, canceled, or resent. You will be required to review your entire application package before proceeding to Checkout. Once you complete the checkout process, you cannot make any changes to your application via LSAC; you will need to contact the school if you need to make any changes, corrections, or additions to your transmitted application. You cannot transmit another application for that term.

Yes, you can transmit the application before all parts of your LSAC Law School Report have been received at LSAC. The law school will request a report when it receives your application. The law schools can either choose to receive the parts of the law school report as they arrive at LSAC or they can request that LSAC hold onto the law school report and application until it is complete.

To submit your application, you will first need to click Preview in Step 2. Once you have viewed your application, the Step 3 Continue button will become active and you will then be able to click it to put your application into the Shopping Cart.

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