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Future JD Students

February 2018 LSAT DEADLINES: Asia

Test Date: Sunday, February 11, 2018

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Check your admission ticket for exact reporting time.

Registration Deadlines

We strongly advise you to register early. Requests for testing accommodations are due by the receipt deadlines below. Choosing to register during the late registration period may affect your ability to appeal any denial of accommodations in time for that test date.

If you do choose to register on a deadline day, please do so during our business hours. If you have technical problems with your registration after business hours, we will not be able to extend deadlines. All receipt deadlines are by 11:59 pm Eastern Time (ET).

Receipt Deadline
Regular Registration December 27, 2017
Regular Registration Accommodation Request December 27, 2017
Nonpublished Test Center Registration (additional fees apply) December 13, 2017
Late Registration—Published Test Centers only (additional fees apply) January 3, 2018
Late Registration Accommodation Request—Published Test Centers only (additional fees apply) January 3, 2018
Photo Upload January 8, 2018

Change, Refund, and Withdrawal Deadlines

Receipt Deadline
Test Center Change (additional fees apply) January 9, 2018
Test Date Change (additional fees apply) January 9, 2018
Registration Refund (partial only) January 9, 2018
Registration Withdrawal (no refund) February 10, 2018

Score Release Dates

Release Date
By Email (for online account holders only) March 8, 2018
By Mail (for those without an online account) March 15, 2018

Please Note

  1. Emailed scores take several hours to reach all test takers.
  2. For score reports received by mail, please allow 5–7 days from the date listed above.
  3. All score release dates are approximate.

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